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Family 346.00 EUR

Light (+ Small Caps) 0.00 EUR
Light Italic 39.00 EUR
Regular (+ Small Caps) 46.00 EUR
Italic 39.00 EUR
Medium (+ Small Caps) 46.00 EUR
Medium Italic 39.00 EUR
Bold (+ Small Caps) 46.00 EUR
Bold Italic 39.00 EUR
Black (+ Small Caps) 46.00 EUR
Black Italic 39.00 EUR
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Format: OpenType (.otf)
Special Features: Small caps, standard ligatures, proportional / oldstyle / tabular / liningĀ / small capsĀ figures, OpenType kerning
Language Support: Central and South Eastern European

Pandera Family Overview

Pandera Family was designed by German type designer Robert Strauch, including Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black weights, each with Small Caps and Italic.

Pandera Light (+ Small Caps)

Pandera Light Italic

Pandera Regular (+ Small Caps)

Pandera Italic

Pandera Medium (+ Small Caps)

Pandera Medium Italic

Pandera Bold (+ Small Caps)

Pandera Bold Italic

Pandera Black (+ Small Caps)

Pandera Black Italic